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      Hebei Chunfeng Yinxing Rubber Roller Co., Ltd. is located in Ji Zhou plain the oldest and youngest of a modern city - Jizhou city of Hebei Province, It is Jizhou city characteristics of regional economic bright spot enterprises and leading enterprises. In the north of plot the "state-level wetland nature reserve" - Hengshui Lake, east of Road 106 and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation.
      Hebei Chunfeng Yinxing rubber roller Co., Ltd was established in 1979. It was transferred from enjoy great popularity Jizhou County Rubber Roller Factory. It was a subsidiary company of China Chunfeng Group Corporation, which is one of the earliest and largest bases in China, specialized in production, scientific research and development of rubber Roller Company, as the ¡°YINXING¡± and ¡°TRANSTAR¡± brand main product by the trade and industry company. Our chairmen Mr. Cao Baohua is the 9,10,11period Deputy to the Peoples Congress, national model worker, Hebei Province¡¯s outstanding experts and most prominent entrepreneurs. Chungfeng Yinxing Rubber Roller Co.,ltd of the member China Printing Association and China product quantity Association. There are four parts for development center, control quantity center, production center, and marking service center. which of have one subsidiary company (Foshan Chunfeng Yinxing Rubber Roller Co.,ltd),one technical research center, three branch manufacturers, one core branch manufacture and twenty modern workshop. The companies cover an area of 100,000 square meters, RMB 60 million, 80 million circulating asset, production ability 5 billion cubic meters. In past thirty year there are form mainly 3 series and more than 20,000 specifications mainly used in printing; office facilities and industries. Yinxing brand rubber roller cover a broad area and widely used in printer, office automation roller, metallurgy roller, Alcoa roller, woodworking roller, leather roller, duplicator paper ¨Cmaking roller, lather machine roller etc. As necessary fittings, Yinxing rollers are used in 80% of the famous domestic printing machine manufactures such as Beiren Group,Shanghai Guanghua , Yinkou Guanhua, Weihai Bintian, Rugao Printing Machinery, Weihai Printing Machinery, Nanjing Fujitsu, Hangzhou Kelei, Beijing Fulei, Weifang Huaguang, Qiangdao QInachuan etc ,and also made the steel roller for steel company such as Tang steel, Tai steel, Wu steel etc. The products are exported directly or indirectly to Japan, England, Germany, America etc several country which have 30%marking.
      Yinxing Company always adheres to provide customers with high-quality products and services in principle, to establish a strict quality management system. In 1997, Yinxing Company acquired the Certificate of ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System as the first one in the same line in China .In April of 2008, the company acquired the GB/T9001:2000 GB/T24001:2004 GB/T28001:2001 Quality Environment occupational health and safety Management System Certification.
      With first-class equipment and technology, now we have imported advanced production and testing facilities, such as polyester thermo-elastic casting machine from France, double-end vacuum-pumping plate vulcanize from Taiwan and roller winded forming machine from USA. We possess dynamic balance machine filtration, data-controlled lathe, over length lathe, more 110 sets of production equipments and more 800 sets of testing and inspection facilities, which guarantee the high quantity and supply ability.
      The company with technical strength, superior workmanship, complete inspection facilities, trusted quality assurance system. We have formatted the biggest professional research rubber roller institute and technology and the same time we have established technological exchange with more than 10 college, such as Beijing rubber research college, Luoyang Liming research college, Beijing chemical college, Xibei rubber research college, Qingdao teleology college and so on, and good cooperation with USA Dupont, Bayer HealthCare AG in Germany, Japan Katsura. In a strong scientific and technological force, our company every year has 10 of the new results come out.       Yinxing Company has to fill gaps in five high-techs, which have two of National Invention Patent for YJ-A printing roller and office equipment feed roller, first and later developed decathlon new technology, technics, such as the polyurethane roller, UV roller, alcohol dampening roller, resistance to heat silicone roller, gravure static ink roller, gravure resistance abrasion roller, static ink roller, electron printer machine roller, laser printer copier parts, paper making roller etc. Following the product development model of ¡°producing one generation, developing one generation, preserve one generation¡±, the company continuously develops high-technology products suiting for the market, walks on the beneficiary cycle, healthy development road. Nowadays, High-tech products has accounted for sales of all products sales income of 70% .Yinxing Company draft unit for the standard printing roller, rubber roller for electronic typewriter, rubber roller for wood-working machinery roller, Metallurgy rubber roller, in the chemical line. The company technical institute has developed into China's technology industry Cots strongest and largest. Commitment to the professionalization of the largest research projects of scientific research institutions and R & D base
     In later years, Yinxing Company In order to comply with industry trends, creating the core competitiveness of enterprises, as before base ¡°Yinxing¡±brand YJ-A YJ-C high range printing roller, which we have past the new formulation and advance production technique, that developing the high speed pro-environment printing roller series as UV roller, ink roller, UV double roller, alcohol dampening roller etc. So as to the band to spread and development, Cots and high-end highlight the unique technological advantages and brand image raise the product force ,so the company login the ¡°TRANSTER¡± trademark which it is innovated star ,pass star. ¡°TRANSTAR¡± brand rubber roller all the function to reach the import Roller standard which have high spring, high intensity, low-expansion glass, resistance glazing , resistance to resolve, little deformation, longer life, that has obtained ROHS certification, both can domestic used the import printer machinery and speed machine and complete and export rubber roller. At present we have supply the rubber roller for several imports printing machinery (Heidelberg, KBA, Akiyama, Mitsubishi, Man Roland) such as Beiren printing machinery, Chengdu note printing, Shanghai note printing, Shanghai guanghua, Yingkou guanhua, People¡¯s daily etc. ¡°TRANSTAR¡± brand printing rubber roller operation is bound to lead and promote China's printing industry's technological revolution for China's printing industry brought about the economic benefits of ideal.
     The company has been entitled ¡°advance unit Quality Control¡± by Beiren Group,¡± ¡°Good credit standing of contract and honor¡± by Nanjing Fushitong, ¡°high quantity technology product¡± by quality of French science and technology. ¡°China 21315 quality and credit enterprise¡± by china Quality Control Association on 06 year, ¡°customer satisfaction brand (part)¡±by china printing machinery brand customer satisfaction investigation big socially useful activity. The company won 50 good companies in province, Little Giants Company, famous company, observe contracts and keep promises Company, technology innovation company, new technology company, quantity and cost-effectiveness, famous brands company, etc more than seventy honors.
      Yinxing company as the policy ¡°Yinxing is service exceed expectations of customers¡±, ¡°catch up with and surpass advanced world level¡±depond on the technology innovation, match the international marking, making the high quantity product and service. We will try our best for developing China printing and information industry.

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