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First ,at the dredge of Hebei Jizhou Hebei Province Chunfeng Yinxing Rubber Roller Co.,Ltd. I explain my thanks to our friend and customers and give our best wishes to you .
Hebei Jizhou Chunfeng Rubber Roller CO.LTD .It¡¯s transformed from the former Jizhou country county Rubber Roller Factory , which enjoyed high reputation all over China .As a holding subsidiary of China Chunfeng Group .As the dept of the development of our country .The development Hebei Jizhou Chunfeng Yinxing Rbber Roller CO.,LTD. Is steping into a higher steps. In newly year ,our company process the adjustment of the using the advanced technology and facility .It made the quality of the production higher  ang  higher .So we win the price of the dient.
In the long term ,our company adopted the development of the tactics ¡°Hold person as thrie basis; hold technology as the beginning ¡± take the concepts of the company ¡°unity strive for the best¡± hold the market as the quality .In the intenal stressing management in the sxtenal model our image carrying out the new system of management insisting the quality as the beginning basis taking sincerity as first , and holding customers as god.So our company can have place in the society and has an increasing development.
Steping into the new centry as the highest decelopment of the net technology ,and the net play a important role.We¡¯ll hold the step of the society ,hold the company¡¯s general profile product service in the way of the number step into he international net .We¡¯ll show them to you .
We are willing to presist with the same person , improve the management and the quality of the production .Let Hebei Jizhou Chunfeng Yinxing Rbber Roller CO.,LTD. Head for the word .We are willing to cooperate with the demestic and foreign¡¯s ccstomer .Wellcome to you our sincery frienders May our cooperation success ! Best wishes for you ,dear friends ,graducate you plain sailing .! Have a good luck!

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